Interview with JoAnna Pendergrass, DVM: Consumer Education

We’re continuing our series that focuses on different types of writing that can be done within the larger medical and science writing umbrella. This interview is with JoAnna Pendergrass,DVM, whose specialty is consumer education.


JoAnna is a veterinarian and freelance medical writer based in Atlanta, GA. Her niche is consumer education, with a special focus on pet owner education. She is passionate about using her writing to close the gap between what the doctor says and what the patient or pet owner understands.You can find out more about JoAnna and the services she provides at

Interview with JoAnna Pendergrass.png

Key Takeaways:

  • 1:43 - How JoAnna’s education and previous work experience helped shape her freelance writing business

  • 3:05 - The reasons that trying different types of writing can help you find your focus

  • 5:00 - Types of deliverables for consumer education pieces

  • 6:23 - Typical clients and how JoAnna finds them using a systematic approach

  • 9:45 - How JoAnna has tailored her LinkedIn profile to help clients find her

  • 11:56 - The importance of understanding clients’ pain points

  • 15:10 - How pay can be structured for consumer education pieces

  • 19:05 - Pros and cons of in-house positions vs freelance work

  • 24:00 - The importance of freeing up mental space and paying for professional help in other areas of your business when needed

  • 26:09 - Characteristics and personal traits well-suited for consumer education

  • 28:10 - Identifying the right tone and language for the consumer audience

  • 31:50 - Potential pitfall or negatives of consumer audience

  • 35:00 - One piece of advice for some looking to write consumer education

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