Interview with Ginny Vachon, PhD: Advisory Board Coverage

We’re continuing our series that focuses on different types of writing that can be done within the larger medical and science writing umbrella. This interview is with Ginny Vachon, PhD, whose specialty is advisory board coverage.


Ginny is an experienced medical writer and advisory board specialist who applies her energy and expertise to produce quality executive summaries, top-line reports, white papers, and reports that capture not just the central themes of the meeting, but every important insight that emerges.  You can find out more about Ginny and the services she provides at

Interview with Ginny Vachon.png

Key Takeaways:

  • 1:45 - How Ginny’s business is structured and how she differentiated herself

  • 3:58 - The reasons specialization does not equal limitation

  • 6:43 - Description of an advisory board

  • 9:17 - Types of deliverables for advisory board coverage

  • 11:19 - One big tip for advisory board coverage

  • 12:05 - Typical clients who would need coverage and how to find clients

  • 13:35 - Ginny’s tactics for follow-up and keeping in touch with clients for steady work

  • 15:35 - The number of clients that you really need to keep busy

  • 17:40 - What to do with “bad” clients

  • 19:20 - How pay is structured for advisory board coverage and important contract clauses

  • 26:10 - The benefit to having a medical writer at the meeting

  • 28:10 - Characteristics that are well suited to advisory board coverage

  • 31:28 - How the Ginny offers a lens through which the client can view their questions

  • 35:20 - Potential pitfalls of advisory board coverage

  • 37:55 - A universal benefit of specializing in one type of writing

  • 41:20 - One piece of advice for someone looking to cover advisory boards

Jennifer Gregg