Interview with Jennifer Gregg, PhD: A CME Writer's Perspective

We’re continuing our series that focuses on different types of writing that can be done within the larger medical and science writing umbrella. This interview is with…me! If you don’t know already, my specialty is developing materials for continuing medical education (CME).


Here’s the TL;DR about me: I’m a freelance medical writer that specializes in CME content and grant development. This means that I work with clients to produce the educational content for CME activities and also research and develop grant proposals for those activities (known as needs assessments). I’ve worked in many different therapeutic areas from asthma to heart failure to type 2 diabetes and written content for pharmacists, primary care clinicians, and specialists. You can check out more about what I do at:

Interview with Jennifer Gregg, PhD.png

Key Takeaways:

  • 1:00 – How I go started in medical writing

  • 7:30 - How writing is a back-and-forth process with the client

  • 9:40 - How working as an editor can help you as a writer

  • 11:38 - The importance of taking a break from the writing to identify holes in your work

  • 13:10 - One of the best things you can do for your clients and overall client relationships

  • 19:07 - The soup to nuts of producing CME content

  • 25:19 - How pay is typically structured for CME

  • 29:25 - How timelines are structured and the predictable nature of CME project

  • 34:00 - The potential impact of CME work

  • 39:25 - The lessons learned from getting in over my head and learning to say no

  • 44:00 - Evaluating workload vs quality of work

  • 47:05 - Characteristics well suited for CME work

  • 50:08 - One piece of advice for someone looking to get into CME work

Jennifer Gregg